New 2016 Meditation Classes and Afternoon Workshops

chakras backMeditation, Mindfulness, Visioning, Coloring, and Lifestyle classes and workshops for 2016 Winter to Spring.   I’m teaching these at the Barranca Vista Center in Ventura, on Ralston near Johnson Streets
Pre-registration begins in January; online or call 654-7563

Concentration Meditation for Mind Body Health
Learn eight methods, including the chakras, for focus and calm to reduce tension, worry, anxiety, and improve sleep, mood and overall sense of well-being. No experience necessary. Beginners, 18-adults, $75.00

You’ll learn the basic breath meditation using my proven method and 7 other ways to meditate to

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Chick-book with Panache to Make You & the New Year Better

Tranquility du Jour AnthologyTranquility du Jour Anthology by Kimberly Wilson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I didn’t know what to expect exactly when I bought this book, however being a true fan of Kimberly Wilson for a few years now, I saw no other choice :)

Well, reading it was contagious. Thankfully I began it as Christmas approached and other demands lessened because I began and ended my days reading this book.

It felt like I had found my way into an antique store, one where I love to discover and

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Marketing, shake hands with Meditation

Marketing and meditation share more than “m” as their first letter – they share a stepped multi-faceted path leading to a successful outcome. Marketing is communication to millions of people. Meditation is too, but in silence. Marketing is anything but silent, even when pictures tell the whole story without words.

If no one sees your marketing, it isn’t marketing. When broadcasting love and peace to all of humanity through meditation, there is no sound known on earth of its broadcast. Yet it reaches around the world as you hold the space for the vision.

There are many ways to meditate. The

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Planning vs Intuiting Your Next Step

Are you busy filling your planner, journal, calendar and mind with all you want to do and accomplish this year? Have you been told that unless you state goals and plan the steps, preferably in writing, you won’t get anywhere and realize your dreams?

Certainly list making has advantages;  checking off each to-do feels good and completion is its own reward…we all need rewards. What I’m  suggesting here is that you relegate the list  and planning  to more short term, daily, weekly or monthly to-dos.  Not planning the whole  year or five and not forming the big picture with all the steps that go into

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Soul Communication

Avalon Beach labrynth on 9.4 (1) I thought you might find something for yourself in the notes I made one day after meditation.

The sentences don’t flow into paragraphs all neat and tidy blog style. Instead I write in thought chunks, sometimes in rhythm or prose.

They are personal notes, and sharing them like this is a tad scary. The reason I am sharing them at all is because I can no longer pretend it isn’t important to share our self as we are.

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