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Meditation Described & Discussed

Marketing, shake hands with Meditation

Marketing and meditation share more than “m” as their first letter – they share a stepped multi-faceted path leading to a successful outcome. Marketing is communication to millions of people. Meditation is too, but in silence. Marketing is anything but … Continue reading

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Poetry After Meditation

Technorati Tags: meditation,poetry prompt,automatic writing Those who meditate know that every meditation session is not outstanding, deep or special. Sometimes it’s difficult to still the mind, other times it’s an in and out experience. Last week this is what flowed … Continue reading

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Are You Your Body?

There is little to tell. My consciousness has never associated itself with this temporary body….The words of Anandamayi Ma

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Nature and Meditation

I invited Delaine Gately to share her personal story of initial emergence into a more authentic life for her. She titles it Canyon Memories “I found freedom on the Colorado River, riding the rapids at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  … Continue reading

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Thankful for Meditation Poem

I wrote this poem after meditation one morning at Meditation Mount. It is my expression of Lucille Cedercrans teachings, and in particular to her book Nature of the Soul. Her teachings are similar to Alice Bailey and D.K’s work, but … Continue reading

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Is Meditation a High Form of Service?

Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s words are beautiful, inspired and form images often used in meditation. That said, I have a different take on meditation than that stated above which I want to share here for your consideration. Baba says “Service is the highest spiritual discipline. Prayer and meditation, or knowledge of scripture, cannot help you reach the goal as quickly as service can. Continue reading

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A Quote to Journal or Meditate On

“I think perhaps I have gotten more out of life than it contains.”  Natalie Clifford Barney I believe it is possible to get more out of life than it contains. How? By living in awareness, in conscious alignment with the … Continue reading

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Are You Feeling Trapped in Your Life?

Many people feel trapped today by their jobs, habits, weight, money, family demands, illness and so on. People are so numb to their thoughts and feelings they have lost sense of their options, desires and their own solutions. Numbing through addictions, depression, TV and the internet all keep the thoughts and feelings at a subconscious level. Going within your self each day for silent reflection vanishes the traps that once seemed inpenetrable. You won’t see the situation the same way. It will feel different. You will behave differently without much effort or thought. Your freedom is within no matter what the traps are. Your body will de-stress, symptoms will reverse, and behaving to numb out will not be an option or desirable any longer. Continue reading

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Giving as the Way to Relieve Stress over the Holidays

Welcome to tip #2 for de-stressing your holidays this year. The topic today is giving.
Giving is the best way to relieve stress at any time of the year. You might be saying something like “Giving?? Are you kidding? that’s all I ever do is give, give and give some more until I’m all worn out. I give to my kids, spouse, work, friends, and elderly parents. I have nothing left to give.”
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Marketing and Meditation Share the Steps to Success

Meditation and marketing have some things in common. Seth Godin, the genius of marketing for businesses, recently wrote in his blog about the hierarchy of success from his standpoint and it occurred to me that the same concept could apply to meditation. Seth and I begin at the bottom of the list with execution. This is where most people place their focus- often by asking me ” what is the right way to meditate?” Continue reading

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Demystifying Meditation

Meditation is simply a state of consciousness. When you meditate you reach a higher level of vibration in your mind/body. There are various levels of and with regular practice you can reach a high level of consciousness. Or to say it another way an alert but relaxed state can be quickly and easily reached. Continue reading

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Meditating to the Gophers?

Meditation is powerful. Once your practice is begun, meaning regular sessions of some duration, changes in your life and in you will simply happen, almost as if by magic. I find the energy I receive from meditating with a group … Continue reading

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Living to Make Sense of It All

What do you imagine you might be thinking if you were sitting on the bench in the picture? Continue reading

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