Chick-book with Panache to Make You & the New Year Better

Tranquility du Jour AnthologyTranquility du Jour Anthology by Kimberly Wilson

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I didn’t know what to expect exactly when I bought this book, however being a true fan of Kimberly Wilson for a few years now, I saw no other choice :)

Well, reading it was contagious. Thankfully I began it as Christmas approached and other demands lessened because I began and ended my days reading this book.

It felt like I had found my way into an antique store, one where I love to discover and uncover old things that are significant to me in some way. In this imaginary store there was a trunk filled with old letters (ok, emails) and vintage pictures of Paris, Spain, NYC, animals and nature.

I felt like I was reading a woman’s life story told as a mystery novel.  I liked hearing her reasoning behind the choices she made, and the take-aways she gathered for herself. And to those events that we never chose but are part of life, I felt a connection too, and so will you I imagine. I found myself taking notes and in some cases jumping up to do the thing I’d just read she’d done, before I talked myself out of it or forgot.  The Anthology is also filled with her signature self help elements.

When I had read my last pages and written my last take-aways ( for which she gives us pages to fill in) I started reading the January chapter in her other book Tranquilology, for the 3rd time in as many years, but as usual, it seemed there was new information in their for me this time :) The two books together can’t be beat for the motivation and idea sparking mixed with love and support from the author.

I highly recommend both books. Gift yourself, you’re worth it and reading them is like having an unconditionally loving authentic and fun girlfriend with you, to help light your way to your best self.

The book felt good in my hands and on my lap, opening wide and not heavy. She chose a matte finish with greyed down color to give that vintage look and it really was alluring to this antique enthusiast.The whole experience was delightful.

To visit Kimberly’s blog and other offerings, visit Tranquility du Jour

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