Demystifying Meditation

Fortuny stenciled early 1900sMeditation is simply a state of consciousness. When you meditate you reach a different and higher level of vibration in your mind/body. There are lighter and deeper levels of consciousness in meditation.  With regular practice you can reach a high level of consciousness. With regular practice an aware, highly sensitized yet very relaxed state can be reached with ease. It’s like a muscle, with use it builds the muscle until it is strong and dependable.

A visual understanding of the effect vibrations, at different levels, have on the body can be inferred from the work of German photographer Alexander Lauterwasser as seen in this video about cymatics. His video presents his study of vibration and its effects on form-making.

Meditation does not have to be connected to a spiritual belief. It can be practiced for the sole purpose of healing and de-stressing your body through the relaxation response the body enters when you are in meditation. There are common characteristics of the meditative state. For example bodily functions slow and stabilize in a relaxed state such as the heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure and the pain response. Meditation is one the recognized methods that successfully reduces chronic pain and also temporary pain such as that experienced during dental work.

Or mindfulness may be your aim. This describes being in a state of heightened awareness of the moment you are in. The past and future are not in your awareness. Mindfulness can include a bodily experience where your senses are heightened and bring more into the moment than you would otherwise attend to or notice as you move about. Mindfulness is not only achieved in stillness or a meditation posture. Being in a mindful state during normal activities is a very satisfying achievement and one that comes more frequently with regular practice. Few people are capable of mindfulness as a normal state of being! Instead this remains a goal worthy of attempting.

Meditation provides a clearing of your mind, called a “stillness.” Mental and emotional experiences in a meditative state are unique to the individual, partially based on your beliefs and expectations.

Meditation that is spiritually based will include a focus on the Universal viewpoint, or the Creator of All in your belief. You are likely to acknowledge and experience a connection to everything and everyone. You might experience a bodily feeling of expansion. You may feel like your boundaries melt away and you connect to everything and one around you.

In my experience, another possible experience is one that seems to flow out before me as this heightened spiritually driven state is reached. It is an experience of immense gratitude. Feelings of gratitude and appreciation flow from you and to you as you thank The Universe for all that Is, all the beauty, kindness, peace, gifts, and love surrounding you at all times; you just don’t seem to notice them as often as you could, and now that you are, you feel the Divine all around you.
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