Depression and Spontaneous Happiness

I received an email today from Dr. Andrew Weil, MD describing his newest book titled “Spontaneous Happiness,” because I attended the first ever Integrative Mental Health conference which Dr. Weil developed and presented along with other top mental health professionals from all fields of research and treatment. Exciting and inspiring, with a loving group of people in attendance who were all ears to hear the experts, including psychiatrists and MDs talk about alternatives to hard core medicines for the treatment of depressions and anxieties, among other diagnosis.

I highly recommend Spontaneous Happiness if you are seeking help and have not found relief from the traditional treatments. Also if you have not seen a professional about your concerns because you don’t want to go on drugs. Please get the help you need, and you can talk about medication later if it comes up. This new book will give you information to take with you so that you can discuss your options. Don’t give up on your self.

Dear Colleague:

I am writing to let you know about the publication of my new book Spontaneous
Happiness by Little, Brown & Co. It builds on themes presented at the
Integrative Mental Health Conference you attended in March of 2010, especially
the limitations of the biomedical model of mental health.

In the book I analyze the causes of the current epidemic of depression and give
many nondrug options for managing it. I am fascinated by the cytokine
hypothesis of depression, which links it to increased inflammation; probably,
an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle can help prevent and treat depression.

Also I give a step-by-step eight week program for moving toward optimum
emotional well-being, with recommendations for caring for the body, retraining
the mind, and attending to secular spirituality.

I became happier as a result of writing this book, and I hope you will become
happier by reading it. I also hope it will be useful to you in your
professional work.

Andrew T. Weil, MD
Director, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
Clinical Professor of Medicine
Jones-Lovell Chair in Integrative Rheumatology
University of Arizona

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