Living Life from our Soul

Prompt- “I am receptive to the purpose, power, and will of God, as it is stepped down to me from my soul. I serve that purpose, accept its power, and do the will of God.

This morning after meditation, as most mornings I journaled.  What flowed freely through my hand today I sensed was meant for me to share here with you who find it. Thank you.  “I am my soul’s nuturer, carrier, protector, earthly eyes, ears, voice, taste, pleasure, creator, heart, compassionate giver, wisdom, intuition, worker, server, home beautifier, connecting my soul to community, spirit, the animal and plant kingdoms and to God, as is possible from an earthly Being.

My job here is to open eyes and hearts and minds to the power you hold within to help your selves and live a life of love and service to the greater good. This service comes in millions of forms.  Your service may be to one or to many. As a mother,  doctor,  gardener,  janitor,  musician,  piano teacher,  volunteer,  business person,  teacher,  scientist,  writer, poet, artist, explorer, adventurer, health practitioner – whatever form your service takes, it is service when you have the conscious intention to do your best at it with the highest good for all as your motivation.

It is being fully present in your service, giving from your heart, then your mind, being fair in decisions, and kind in your interactions with others that matters the most. Holding the vision of your connectedness to every living thing in the forefront of your service will help to shine the light of harmony and right relationships on your path.

Stumbling upon pebbles and rocks, going around boulders is part of blazing your trail, your adventure, forming your milestones of self realization.

There are no billboards on your trail, but directions are everywhere you look and are noticed most easily in meditation, or when stilling your mind and intuiting.

Life is beautiful. The journey is a gift given to you and one you are giving to the world too. It is a co-creation. You are co-creating with the Universe or God. Your soul has an overriding soul and as you live this journey your body is housing your soul for the co-creation YOUR SOUL DESIRES TO ACCOMPLISH THIS LIFETIME  FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF HUMANITY on earth and beyond. We are all ONE and what effects us on earth, effects those on a spirit level of existence too.

Although your steps and life may be but a tiny dot on the map of life, your energy is connected to the whole of All.  You either give back and circulate the life force/energy within you or you suck off others, stagnating, hoarding, withdrawing from expressing your life force. Let it out. Share it in any way to give it back out again AND YOU WILL BE IN THE FLOW OF LIVING THE LIFE ENERGY OF HUMANITY. 

You will feel the connection when you acknowledge the connection. And how do you begin? By holding the connection to everything with the intention to serve in the highest good of all concerned and give your life energy from your heart and then your mind.

Be well.


If you will, please share your response to the prompt quote below and share your energy and voice with us too.

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