Marketing, shake hands with Meditation

Marketing and meditation share more than “m” as their first letter – they share a stepped multi-faceted path leading to a successful outcome. Marketing is communication to millions of people. Meditation is too, but in silence. Marketing is anything but silent, even when pictures tell the whole story without words.

If no one sees your marketing, it isn’t marketing. When broadcasting love and peace to all of humanity through meditation, there is no sound known on earth of its broadcast. Yet it reaches around the world as you hold the space for the vision.

There are many ways to meditate. The method chosen often depends on the meditator’s belief or their instruction on how to execute it. Over time a favorite way is discovered and used most frequently. In a meditation practice, this is good and productive. In a marketing plan this is death.

When marketing you have millions of people with differing viewpoints and needs receiving your information. There is no one right way. There are nearly as many avenues available to carry your information into the world today and they are in the hands of everyone: Social media, blogs, YouTube, print media, comments, online magazines,and web sites are all available for some or no cost to help you with marketing anything and any service. Over time you can use most of them or all of them to hit your target market.

Just as in marketing some people assume there is a single best meditation technique that when used will produce a higher state of mind or better outcome. If only that were so, it would be easy. There are many techniques available, and all do work. Actually experiencing various techniques can be an exciting and fulfilling pursuit, but hardly necessary.

What methods take you to where you want to be is what matters, in meditation and in marketing. And in both forms of communication, your methods will change over time or be replaced with others. As your meditation practice grows so do your life experiences because of it. As your marketing practices grow, so grows your business.

Key factors for an entrepreneur in any business are flexibility, mindfulness, getting feedback, and seeking higher awareness of situations, and marketing which can provide this awareness and bring into view more options for getting your product or service to where it is needed. Meditation can help you achieve these factors from a completely different perspective and help you feel less stress and more clarity of thought to do your business. Meditation can help your brain and body work more efficiently and without so much tension when times are demanding. Flexibility in your thinking and doing will result, as will living more mindfully, being open to feedback and ideas from other places and you’ll most definitely have a heightened awareness of situations and a big picture view will be easier to achieve. Narrow vision comes from stress and fear.

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