Meditating to the Gophers?

flying w butterlies smallestMeditation is powerful. Once your practice is begun, meaning regular sessions of some duration, changes in your life and in you will simply happen, almost as if by magic.

I find the energy I receive from meditating with a group (as opposed to alone) of enlightened people to significantly affect my experience in a number of ways. More quickly I get a warm melting feeling and physical boundaries are lost. I am compelled by the magnificence of the feeling so much I can sit still through itches, leg cramps, people moving, anything I thought….until Tuesday at Meditation Mount.

On the hilltop property is a circle of grass amongst a large natural garden and surrounding mountains everywhere you look. As Murphy’s Law would say, what you don’t want to happen is bound to happen. The gophers dig their tunnels under the green lawn causing piles of loose dirt to from mounds above ground. Not only does it look bad, but it’s dangerous and the dirt kills the grass.

The group decided to try meditation as a way of communicating to our nature friends, the gophers and attempt to disuade them from tunneling under the lawn and instead go anywhere else they wanted for miles and miles around. While we meditated sitting on the lawn the bugs were buzzing, landing, mating, and eating on our heads, ears, and legs. It was difficult to keep a concentrated focus and it was hot, even though it was 8:30 in the morning.

Bunnies and lizards joined us in the effort, noiseless and welcome, but the insects brought our session to an end earlier than usual. But we had another trick up our sleeves – a very large white quartz bowl. Circling the edge with a padded wand repeatedly brings an angelic sound that enveloped all of us in a super heightened vibration. It was a bodily experience. We all felt it and decided that sitting that close to the bowl allowed for this intense experience we haven’t felt when sitting further away. This may have been the best gopher go-away device yet. The sound went out for miles.

I’ll keep you posted on the results. In the meantime, if you haven’t yet experienced the  enlightenment that occurs natually when meditation becomes part of your routine, here is an easy way to get started. It requires only a minute a day, but you can make it last longer of course. Daily emailed thought provoking insights have richly added to my life.

This collection is a series of 52 guided meditations(click anywhere in this paragraph to learn details) featuring profoundly positive principles and ways of being your highest self. Every week for a year, you will receive a new guided meditation spoken in a soothing voice along with a beautiful musical background and video images of a nature. Each meditation is about a minute long and is spoken in the I AM tense for you to internally absorb it as it is being said.

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6 Responses to Meditating to the Gophers?

  1. Tomar says:

    So I’m wondering: Was the plan to influence the gophers simply by meditating? Or by changing the frequency with the crystal bowl? Here’s another suggestion I’ve found effective (that I learned from Dorothy MacLean of Findhorn years ago): In a meditative state invite the “deva” or overlighting intelligence, or angelic guide of the gophers and explain the situation and ask if they would please go elsewhere. I bet this would be fun to do in a group too. – Tomar

  2. Kimberly Wulfert says:

    Hello Tomar-
    We are all one and the same so the influence is there already. Obviously they like to be around where the weddings take place overlooking the Ojai Valley :)

    We hoped to send them thoughts through meditation to go into areas other than the lawn, which is most of the acerage there! It’s so funny that they chose to dig up into the lawn. We saw them in mental pictures and put out thought forms to ask them to please move into nearby undeveloped land, a few feet away.

    Regarding the bowls, they were for us :) They had been recently gifted to the Mount. We wanted to try them in every space where we meditate, work, be. We took turns making the bowls feel at home and loved.

    Re: Findhorn-Our resident Board member Roger Collis lived at Findhorn for many years. David Spangler will be teaching at the Mount this November 5-8 and three more times in 2010.

    We did have fun, yet it needed to be done again. I will pass your suggestion on. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Susan says:

    Kim, please keep us posted as to progress. I have the same problem here; have had for years. I have been talking to them and asking them togo back to the forest, but to no avail. PLEASE let us know if something does work.

  4. Ha, can’t say you’re wrong. Just need to get my head around this.

  5. Darion says:

    Hi Kimberly,

    Who is angry when the gophers damage the lawn? Just like horse and dog whisperers connect with the energy of the animal, the same but modified modality works for any animal.
    Blessings and gratitude for this opportunity to connect with you,


    • Kimberly Wulfert says:

      HI Darion,
      That’s an unexpected question- who is angry about it- no one is! We, at the Mount, are like minded to you, and hence we don’t hurt the gophers or do anything other than meditate to them. The place they hang out the most is on the small patch of lawn where weddings take place. There are many acres of land for them there, next to the deer, rabbits, lizards and birds. They haven’t been digging into the lawn for months now. We don’t know precisely why, but we are happy about it. Thank you for your comment! Namaste, Kim

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