Mindful Eating Tips for the Holidays

by mr_jeffreed on FlickerWe can not change what we don’t know, see, or accept. That’s a fact of life. Once we are aware of something, then we have power and choices. This is mindfulness. Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment, openly and without judgment.

In viewing our life from this frame of mind, problem solving and choices we make will be in alignment with the circumstances as they really are and therefore will be more effective. Changes may be small and happen over time, but they will be effective.

So how can you apply a mindful approach to what and how you eat this holiday season?

Read on for tips. If you want more support to lose weight, I am teaching a 10 week Mindful Eating for Weight Loss class starting January 10 in Ojai. I’ll be co-teaching with a nutritionist so this will be well rounded approach to weight loss and curtailing food addictions. For more about this calls, or the next one beginning in March, read here.

1. Become mindful of what you are putting in to your mouth. If you don’t want to eat too many calories, don’t. Become mindful of your current weight by standing naked in a full length mirror for as long as it takes you to accept how you look at this time. The viewing can take place in small chunks of a minute or two, then close your eyes and see within and clear your negative thoughts, and look at yourself again until you are able to look at yourself non-judgementally but honestly.

2. Poor body image. It might help you to clear negative self-thoughts by focusing (in your mind’s eye and your heart) on someone you love who loves you back, a person or pet.  Focus on how their loving  makes you feel. Then transfer that feeling to feeling that way about yourself in that moment. Hold on to it for a few seconds, take it in.  Loving yourself will override the negative thoughts about your body and allow the reality of your weight to enter your mind in a way that helps you change your eating habits.

3.  Stay real about your weight. Take an accurate image with you to the grocery store, parties, restaurants and gatherings. Be mindful of what you put into your cart and your mouth. Be mindful of the size of your portions. Be mindful of how your clothes feel on your body. Be mindful of when you feel full. If you don’t have that feeling then, be mindful of when you should feel full by looking at other people around you; if they are done eating, put your fork down. Wait awhile and see if you can become aware of feeling full, and lock in on that awareness until feeling full enough becomes a good barometer for you.

Make peace with food this holiday season.



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