Now Consciousness: Exploring the World Beyond Thought

May the new year be filled with peaceful awareness, higher consciousness, and love deep within that flows out of and back to you. Share what you know and who you are, as Soul, with others. it’s your gift and meant to be given.

Below are meaningful concepts you might want to ponder. You can also use them as journal  or meditation prompts. They are written by Albert Blackburn in his book “Now Consciousness: exploring the world beyond thought”, Idylwild Books, Ojai CA 1983.

– “A person using only knowledge and the thought process will always be limited to the content of consciousness.”

-“We can acquire knowledge and we can become wise through the right use of learning, but this is still within the field of individual consciousness and part of the accumulative process. The ultimate use of wisdom is the realization of the limitations of consciousness as we know it. It is wisdom that can finally lead to self discovery, which is the birth of intelligence. A saturation point must be reached within our consciousness: we must see the self-enclosing nature of thought. The never-ending rat race must be seen for what it really is. This can happen at any point in time. It is wisdom which can open our eyes to the facts of life.”

-“If there is this other thing, which we will call intelligence, it is beyond the limits of consciousness and therefore unconditioned. Intelligence might be called the consciousness of God, or Life, in its universal and all pervading sense. It is always in the present now, and can never be associated with the idea of past or future.”

-“Perception of intelligence is only in the moment, when thought is not. In the interval between two thoughts, intelligence is. The awakening to life is the awakening to intelligence. Intelligence, always there, like the sun waiting to illumine life’s path when the clouds are dispelled by awareness, …”

These quotes are found on page 68 and 69.

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One Response to Now Consciousness: Exploring the World Beyond Thought

  1. Delaine Gately says:

    Pearls of wisdom come to me in two very different ways. One is in free writing and the other is quiet, one on one conversations. I believe the real magic comes in one on one talks, it may be a stranger or a loved one; there is no pattern to it, you can not force it yet it comes when you can freely share your feelings, giving voice to your emotions, speaking your concerns brings them into prospective and the healing begins. Our honesty becomes a healing sauve to both our own soul and to the other persons. Those times are rare, we live such hurried and disconnected lives that we do not take the time to reach out to hear someone else we only hear our own inner cry of loneliness.
    We heal ourselves when we make time to talk and share our lives and feelings with someone else.
    find there are simple truths in life, I call them the Magic. The first is to love, then the second magic is giving, but the third is listening to someone else and hearing your own heart speak. Those Quiet walks and quiet talks brings inner wisdom to our own hearts. They are Magic pearls that heal our own spirit

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