Resilience After Capture – Meet Inspiring Women

Auschwitz Survivor Sows Seeds of Peace tells the story (in brief) of Eva Kor, who was taken along with her identical twin sister Miriam, to be used in medical research experiments by Dr. Joseph Mengeles in 1944. She is still alive and speaking out to remind science and medical researchers that human beings are not objects, not things. Text and video

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Poetry After Meditation

Those who meditate know that every meditation session is not outstanding, deep or special. Sometimes it’s difficult to still the mind, other times it’s an in and out experience. Last week this is what flowed into my journal immediately following a session-



Neurochemicals flood my brain
I’m not feeling any pain

Sweet-ness is in

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Without a Vision, What Moves Us into Action

Have you wondered how you can  achieve or contribute to your higher purpose if you can’t yet see the big picture at the end?

I got stuck here and went into waiting mode thinking I had to have the clear vision first in order to know how to proceed. I moved along on what I perceived through meditation and intuition, but they were not IT in my mind. They were background.

When people asked me what I was doing, I’d say I don’t know yet, but it’s right around the corner, I can just feel

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29th Verse of The Tao Te Ching

Ralph Alan Dale wrote a beautiful  book translating the Tao Te Ching, as written by Lao Tzu  more than 2,500 years ago. It’s beautiful because of the stylizing chosen for nature photographs and illustrations in hues of black, gray, white and highlights of shining sliver. Dale’s informative introduction and inspired commentary brings the past current. (publisher Barnes & Nobel,  Inc., 2005)

Verse 29, We are the World begins- “Those who have the most power and wealth treat the planet as a thing to be possessed, to be used and abused according to their own dictates. But the planet is a living organism, a Great Spiritual

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Are You Your Body?

“There is little to tell. My consciousness has never associated itself with this temporary body. Before I came on the earth “I was the same.” As a little girl, “I was the same.” I grew into womanhood, but still “I was the same.” When the family in which I had been born made arrangements to give this body married, “I was the same.” …And in front of you now, “I was the same.” Ever afterwards, though the dance of creation change around me, “I shall be the same.” Now and always one with That, “I am the same.”

The words of Anandamayi

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