Planning vs Intuiting Your Next Step

Are you busy filling your planner, journal, calendar and mind with all you want to do and accomplish this year? Have you been told that unless you state goals and plan the steps, preferably in writing, you won’t get anywhere and realize your dreams?

Certainly list making has advantages;  checking off each to-do feels good and completion is its own reward…we all need rewards. What I’m  suggesting here is that you relegate the list  and planning  to more short term, daily, weekly or monthly to-dos.  Not planning the whole  year or five and not forming the big picture with all the steps that go into making it happen leaves you open to change, growth, synchronicity and what life offers up.

Unless you are for example an architect or project manager by trade, all this planning will actually shut you down and keep you trapped inside the plan, the vision, the perception you’ve put so much time and effort into planning.

When you over plan, you can severely limit your intuition, your gut, your sixth sense, or higher self if you prefer.  These are unseen entrances into your personal and collective inner vision.  Intuition is a much expanded clarity and insight, a knowing without the facts that stretches both the vision outward to your surroundings and inward to the image of your self.  From either reference point, clarity, depth of understanding and expansion have an ever changing message as the opportunities unfold. Being awake to them is the key; a written 5 year plan is a lock without a key.

Your intuition and brain need a gap of time, nanoseconds to minutes, to manifest in your energetic field  to get through to you. They result of intuition is awareness, thoughts, taking action and emotions.  The gap happens and then when you listen deeply, slow down and take a moment to be still and silent, you can hear, feel, or act with this guidance or awareness.

This is where mindful breaks, moments of bringing your attention to the present time in an open, curious and nonjudgmental way come in handy. Your intuition is not necessarily going to be activated, but if it has been trying to get you to take notice, becoming mindful for a few moments can let the awareness into your busy mind.  Disengaging the busy, rational, linear mind for one to five minutes at a time throughout the day and evening will serve you well in many ways.

Let your imagination go free. Intuition speaks through the imagination too. The imagination, said Einstein, is more important than knowledge.

Your left brain will eventually handle the details and the deadlines- it’s designed to do this , so trust it to take over and get things prioritized, planned and done after the free-wheeling, in the moment, open and curious part of your mind has had it’s daily dose of freedom to express.

I don’t believe you have to make art, or dance or free-write three pages to get the goodies. Just stop moving for a moment, come into the present by focusing on the palms of your hands, and keeping your visual attention on your palms, become immersed in the moment. Hear the sounds around you, feel the air, the sun, the growl of your stomach. Be here now and be aware of it for a few moments. Before returning to “normal” take a few slow breaths with an equal number in and out, to the count of four or five and holding for 2 in-between. Breathing this way balances your autonomic nervous system.

If you must make a list, keep it to a couple of words per line that summarize the concept of what needs to be remembered and a deadline date if there is one. Then focus on what is in front of you when wondering what to do next. Do what has presented itself to you. This way of proceeding is as old as the Tao. Trusting and being in the present keeps anxiety and worry at bay…out of the way, allowing intuitive knowing to lead you forward.

Using mindful breaks throughout your day will keep you calm and focused on what you are doing now. This focus facilitates getting your task done effectively and quicker than if worry and physical tension interrupt your flow, which they easily can with a solid plan hanging over your desk of to-dos for the next year and a half. Let go a bit and know through your intuition. Let your imagination take center stage first and you will you have found the door to freedom and a successful deeply satisfying life.

Wishing you a beautifully lived unplanned day!

Albert Einstein

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