Poetry After Meditation

Those who meditate know that every meditation session is not outstanding, deep or special. Sometimes it’s difficult to still the mind, other times it’s an in and out experience. Last week this is what flowed into my journal immediately following a session-



Neurochemicals flood my brain
I’m not feeling any pain

Sweet-ness is in the air
light-filled sensations are the faire

As this session comes to end
I’m not wanting to, I can’t pretend

Another time of meditation brought this brief entry-

Like the white cream filling in Twinkies
when I was a kid
I feel that airy & sweet &  delicious inside

And after this I found my self with a pen still flowing –

 Heaven touching Earth, soul touching soul
pure essence of All
If only for a moment it’s worth what I tow

To be here each day, making the time
finding the space
clearing my mind to step into grace and soar

Reaching beyond the boundaries of skin
past the ethereal
into the real, not seen, but known as the Truth,
the pearl


The light streams forth into my mind & body
the spark of creation
forever wanting to find Its expression through me on Earth

Why not see what comes through you after meditation? Just have your journal or a note pad and pen close by. When your session ends and you are slowly returning  your gaze and mind to the day, hold your pen on the paper and  let it write. PenguinsLet it flow without interruption or correcting anything. I don’t even pay attention to what I’m writing until I’m totally done. I stop the flow when I let my conscious mind or critical mind get involved. When complete, I reread it a couple of times. Sometimes I make a couple changes, other times I think it’s awful and do nothing to it.  Some I  read again weeks or months later and they make more sense or flow better to my eyes. It’s all good and lots of fun.

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