Random thoughts on Creativity, our Brains, Steve and Albert

Clearing my desk, I found a haiku I wrote which started this creative train of thought for my blog today.

fall shadows falling
changing light toward healing
mother nature rests

Albert Einstein said “the intuitive mind is a Sacred Gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant but has forgotten the Gift.”

Drawing from a recent health article in the NY Times on the history of research on the brain; it was once pondered why if the right and left hemispheres are separate systems does the brain have a sense of unity? This question was unanswered until the late 1970’s when the field of cognitive neuroscience was founded by psychologist/linguist George A. Miller, who blended psychology and biology.

Where is the sense of unity originating? We know that the left brain takes in bits of information (from the scanning of the right brain and senses) and it fills in the missing info or gaps with its ever running narration, or story. Loosely put, the left brain is the interpreter, the right brain is the creator.  So the left brain narrator causes the illusion of our coherent self with a meaningful script.

Ever wonder why time seems to stop and your feel yourself in a flow when creating something? When tuned into your right brain predominantly (it’s a myth to think that they operate on and off, both hemispheres are always operating) novelty, change, random  favored over linear and “fitting,” are free to roam without the narrator . This makes time appear to stop. Time is linear and a function of the left brain.

7  secrets to Steve Jobs’ success as told in the book “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs,  insanely different principles for breakthrough success,” simplified-

1. Do what you love, don’t settle. Passion is everything.
2. Put a dent in the universe with a big bold clear and concise vision.
3. Say no to 1000 things- reduce clutter, stay focused, streamline, simplicity is everything
4. Kick start your brain by doing something new
5. Sell dreams not products
6. Create insanely innovative experiences
7. Master the message

Check out another book about Jobs also by Carmine Gallo “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience.”
I hope you enjoyed your momentary mindful foray in our amazing creative process.  Let if flow, let it flow, let it flow.

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Blessings to you,


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