Resilience After Capture – Meet Inspiring Women

Auschwitz Survivor Sows Seeds of Peace tells the story (in brief) of Eva Kor, who was taken along with her identical twin sister Miriam, to be used in medical research experiments by Dr. Joseph Mengeles in 1944. She is still alive and speaking out to remind science and medical researchers that human beings are not objects, not things. Text and video

Amanda Lindhout goes back to Somalia where she was held captive and brutalized for 15 months, to help feed the starving. Video about her return.

Amanda has gone on to form the non-profit organization Global Enrichment Foundation

Jaycee Dugard, is the 11 year old girl kidnapped and held prisoner in a known sexual predictors back yard for 18 years. She birthed two children and fostered a loving family unit in their tent,  including educating the girls by watching TV to get a sense of the world outside and remembering what she had been taught up to 5th grade. Two years after their release from solitary captivity, she has written her biography and agreed to a prime time TV interview with Diane Sawyer. Videos

For an excerpt from her book “A Stolen Life” and an opportunity to help families of kidnapped children by purchasing a beautiful sterling silver pinecone charm. The last thing Jaycee saw before she was stun gunned and kidnapped was a pinecone in the street. Today, she wears the charm around her neck. It is her symbol of the hope that she would return home again. Hope and a butterfly ring her mom had given her kept her resilience going for the three years before her first daughter was born. Text

Rachel Chapman’s capture is not at the hands of kidnappers, but a wheelchair. She is paralyzed as a result of an innocent push into the swimming pool on the night of her bachelorette party. But she and her husband, Chris Chapman were recently wed, little more than a year after the accident, and treated to a wedding and honeymoon of their dreams. I include her here because of her bravery and optimism in facing life in a wheelchair. Neither she or Chris are angry or bitter, although it’s been tough adjusting. The Today Show remodeled their home to accommodate wheelchair access and give them privacy they so longed for since their world turned upside down. Videos.

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  1. Delaine Gately says:

    My goodness you seem to hit the spot in my experience, this one is great. Why is it that some women have the resillence of the lion hearted and other crumble in dispair when life takes a turn. A woman very dear to me is in distress, nothing gives her courage she is locked in dispair and can not look up from feelings of failure. She is so afraid it paralizes her from taking any steps to help herself, my heart breaks for her. Courage has to come from within; meditaion and faith are the keys to opening up our soul, one finds a oneness of self to move forward in courage and in faith. Believing the spirit of God will direct the path of her future would give her a new freedom to move forwards. “Be not afraid for I am with you” is such a simple truth if only she believed how special she is, if only she knew how much she was loved, but her heart is closed, and she is afraid, at this point she is the only one who can change the situation. She has such a gift of communication the experience she is going thru could make her strong, she could help others, but first she must help herself.
    The women you told about, their stories will help others, their courage will give strengh to others isn’t that what our life experience is all about? Each life lesson brings strength and dignaty they are not to break us, they are to teach us to survive with courage and to grow with love, we are to share our life stories and teach how to love even when there is none. Well done.

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