Soul Communication

Avalon Beach labrynth on 9.4 (1) I thought you might find something for yourself in the notes I made one day after meditation.

The sentences don’t flow into paragraphs all neat and tidy blog style. Instead I write in thought chunks, sometimes in rhythm or prose.

They are personal notes, and sharing them like this is a tad scary. The reason I am sharing them at all is because I can no longer pretend it isn’t important to share our self as we are. We are each a gift to each other. I have received so much from other bloggers who have had the courage to do this.  From them I’ve received understanding, joy, a different point of view, knowledge, hope, answers and more. When we send out what we’ve taken in, we are contributing our unique part to the greater whole. None of us are perfect or more right or more gifted.

Here goes…I wrote these one cold morning last December

I do not resist my soul’s communication
My soul fills my body from head to toe
I embody my soul
My soul communicates through my voice and my heart

It’s not a surrender,
It’s relinquishing my ego to my soul
Which is who I am really,

Be first
do after
Being comes first
doing comes after
Receive openly
think, energy follows thought
Listen within first
listen to others after
Give openly

See the big picture
See their similarity to you
See them with compassionate eyes
See the Oneness of all that is
Feel the Oneness of All

Won’t you share your thoughts below? Be gentle please.

What have you written after meditation or contemplation? I’ll respond  below to those who leave a comment.




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