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Being in the Now with Elisha Goldstein

Dr. Elisha Goldstein addresses a concept that comes in the form of a question, which he and Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn suggest we ask ourselves when life’s demands seem overwhelming to us. A simple question with a centering result. Continue reading

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Toss Out Your Story

Current neurochemical research substantiates this. Neurons fire in patterns. These patterns when embedded from repeated use become automatic responses. Responses, including memories and feelings, are triggered quickly when a pattern is embedded.

Embedded responses are good and desirable when they provide us a safer existence. Patterns related to driving are an example.
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Are You Feeling Trapped in Your Life?

Many people feel trapped today by their jobs, habits, weight, money, family demands, illness and so on. People are so numb to their thoughts and feelings they have lost sense of their options, desires and their own solutions. Numbing through addictions, depression, TV and the internet all keep the thoughts and feelings at a subconscious level. Going within your self each day for silent reflection vanishes the traps that once seemed inpenetrable. You won’t see the situation the same way. It will feel different. You will behave differently without much effort or thought. Your freedom is within no matter what the traps are. Your body will de-stress, symptoms will reverse, and behaving to numb out will not be an option or desirable any longer. Continue reading

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Giving as the Way to Relieve Stress over the Holidays

Welcome to tip #2 for de-stressing your holidays this year. The topic today is giving.
Giving is the best way to relieve stress at any time of the year. You might be saying something like “Giving?? Are you kidding? that’s all I ever do is give, give and give some more until I’m all worn out. I give to my kids, spouse, work, friends, and elderly parents. I have nothing left to give.”
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