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Are You Feeling Trapped in Your Life?

Many people feel trapped today by their jobs, habits, weight, money, family demands, illness and so on. People are so numb to their thoughts and feelings they have lost sense of their options, desires and their own solutions. Numbing through addictions, depression, TV and the internet all keep the thoughts and feelings at a subconscious level. Going within your self each day for silent reflection vanishes the traps that once seemed inpenetrable. You won’t see the situation the same way. It will feel different. You will behave differently without much effort or thought. Your freedom is within no matter what the traps are. Your body will de-stress, symptoms will reverse, and behaving to numb out will not be an option or desirable any longer. Continue reading

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Demystifying Meditation

Meditation is simply a state of consciousness. When you meditate you reach a higher level of vibration in your mind/body. There are various levels of and with regular practice you can reach a high level of consciousness. Or to say it another way an alert but relaxed state can be quickly and easily reached. Continue reading

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