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Planning vs Intuiting Your Next Step

When you over plan, you are severely limiting your intuition, gut, sixth sense, or higher self Spirit help you. These are unseen entrances to your personal and collective inner vision. Inner vision is much expanded clarity and insight; stretching the vision, and image of your self and your place in the big picture bigger, wider, and deeper. Continue reading

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Mindful Eating Tips for the Holidays

So how can you apply a mindful approach to what and how you eat this holiday season? Read on for tips. If you want more support to lose weight, I am teaching a 10 week Mindful Eating for Weight Loss class starting January 10. For more about this calls, or the next one beginning in March, read here. Continue reading

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Being in the Now with Elisha Goldstein

Dr. Elisha Goldstein addresses a concept that comes in the form of a question, which he and Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn suggest we ask ourselves when life’s demands seem overwhelming to us. A simple question with a centering result. Continue reading

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Violent Video Games Ruling and the Brain

In a 7-to-2 decision, the Federal Supreme Court struck down California’s restriction on the sale of violent games to minors using the 1st Amendment as their reason. Justice Scalia likened the games to the protection given to books, plays and … Continue reading

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Nature and Meditation

I invited Delaine Gately to share her personal story of initial emergence into a more authentic life for her. She titles it Canyon Memories “I found freedom on the Colorado River, riding the rapids at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  … Continue reading

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Toss Out Your Story

Current neurochemical research substantiates this. Neurons fire in patterns. These patterns when embedded from repeated use become automatic responses. Responses, including memories and feelings, are triggered quickly when a pattern is embedded.

Embedded responses are good and desirable when they provide us a safer existence. Patterns related to driving are an example.
Continue reading

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Dr. Dan Siegel, Mindsight & the Blue Man Group Video – Woo Hoo!

Researchers say laughing opens us to new connections occurring within our brains. Get ready to laugh and learn about Mindsight. Mindsight is what Dr. Dan learned on his incredible journey into the brain to discover how the mind moves along its waves. Yes folks, the mind and brain are not the same. Continue reading

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The Gift from the Common House Fly

As I recall, this phenomena was first identified in a study of prisoners of war, and later with battered women … or maybe it was Skinner’s behavioral operant conditioning studies that came first. I am a little more awakened now. “We are all one” has deepened in its meaning. Continue reading

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