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Are You Your Body?

There is little to tell. My consciousness has never associated itself with this temporary body….The words of Anandamayi Ma

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Now Consciousness: Exploring the World Beyond Thought

The ultimate use of wisdom is the realization of the limitations of consciousness as we know it. It is wisdom that can finally lead to self discovery, which is the birth of intelligence. A saturation point must be reached within our consciousness: we must see the self-enclosing nature of thought. The never-ending rat race must be seen for what it really is. This can happen at any point in time. It is wisdom which can open our eyes to the facts of life.”
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Living Life from our Soul

Prompt- “I am receptive to the purpose, power, will of God, as it is stepped down to me from my soul. I serve that purpose, accept its power, and do the will of God.”…It is being fully present in your service, giving from your heart, then your mind, being fair in decisions, and kind in your interactions with others.
Holding the vision of your connectedness to every living thing in the forefront of your service
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Marketing and Meditation Share the Steps to Success

Meditation and marketing have some things in common. Seth Godin, the genius of marketing for businesses, recently wrote in his blog about the hierarchy of success from his standpoint and it occurred to me that the same concept could apply to meditation. Seth and I begin at the bottom of the list with execution. This is where most people place their focus- often by asking me ” what is the right way to meditate?” Continue reading

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Whether you Desire Stress Relief or Insight, Journaling Works Wherever You Are

Journaling about how you feel about your situation is a powerful stress reducer. Research has shown us that journaling can ameliorate depression, post trauma stress, and unresolved events in one’s childhood. Continue reading

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There is Always Enough Time

There will always be enough time because time will expand when I am in consciously seeking and receiving. It contracts when I am unconscious and engaged in avoidance and self-centered thoughts and actions. Continue reading

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Living to Make Sense of It All

What do you imagine you might be thinking if you were sitting on the bench in the picture? Continue reading

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