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Planning vs Intuiting Your Next Step

When you over plan, you are severely limiting your intuition, gut, sixth sense, or higher self Spirit help you. These are unseen entrances to your personal and collective inner vision. Inner vision is much expanded clarity and insight; stretching the vision, and image of your self and your place in the big picture bigger, wider, and deeper. Continue reading

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Violent Video Games Ruling and the Brain

In a 7-to-2 decision, the Federal Supreme Court struck down California’s restriction on the sale of violent games to minors using the 1st Amendment as their reason. Justice Scalia likened the games to the protection given to books, plays and … Continue reading

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What if You Couldn’t Smile?

Check out this brief documentary by a woman who has facial paralysis and hear how it effects her interacting with strangers. Thank you to the NY Times for providing this article titled “A Face Without Emotion” produced by Karen Barrow. … Continue reading

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