Thankful for Meditation Poem

I wrote this poem after meditation one morning at Meditation Mount. It is my expression of Lucille Cedercrans teachings, and in particular to her book Nature of the Soul. Her teachings are similar to Alice Bailey and D.K’s work, but newer.

Service Meditation

God I am your conduit for energy
your vehicle on earth
collecting and expanding your love
sharing it with the passion and girth of the truth
Universal Oneness and Wisdom from above.

I hear the people’s cries for answers
tears falling like rain
eyes looking up, searching and confused
I see you I say in meditation,
and know you and feel your pain.

Universal energy transcends the distance
in time and space
flowing through me to
the entire human race.
Serving through meditation
is lovingly standing by
with an open crown to the sky
where the Masters know and serve
to bring the Divine plan to earth.

Copyright 2010 Kimberly Wulfert

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