Without a Vision, What Moves Us into Action

Have you wondered how you can  achieve or contribute to your higher purpose if you can’t yet see the big picture at the end?

I got stuck here and went into waiting mode thinking I had to have the clear vision first in order to know how to proceed. I moved along on what I perceived through meditation and intuition, but they were not IT in my mind. They were background.

When people asked me what I was doing, I’d say I don’t know yet, but it’s right around the corner, I can just feel it it’s so close now. I’ve been meditating and studying every day to figure out the Big It that is my purpose.

Once I knew the Big It, I’d know the next meaningful step to take and the next. Each would be crucial to the Big plan. See it, feel it, realize it, in that order. Don’t worry abut the how.

Then I heard a speaker, Rev. Frank Elliott,  whose words deeply inspired me as he talked about creating his life by listening to the still small voice inside. Today, as a graduate of the Agape University of Spiritual Transformation and Leadership, he is a part time minister, speaker and he specializes in grief counseling and hospice at various centers in Los Angeles.

His words deeply inspired me that day by connecting me to a more acute present sense of responsibility for my time left on earth this incarnation.  I realized a big reason to push aside the fear when it arises, is because it that it’s not more important than that which my inner wisdom, my Soul, asks me to do.

Inspiration is an overused word levied about these days as if it could be bought, like at a bookstore anytime you need a little hit. I tend to find inspiration that leads to sustained change rather rare. It’s a gift that comes around now and again.

I’m not talking about sunsets, beautiful music or writing that inspire by connecting me with the beauty of nature and human emotions. This is a gift too, yes, and may indeed be a deep inspiration to people. For me though, it is not the kind of inspiration I’m talking about.

Deep inspiration comes in many forms from many places and when it occurs, the whole body and mind come alive. Mine was swept up as Rev. Frank spoke. I resonated with much of what he said. I’d heard it before.  Something about that day, his energy, the way he spoke the words he chose and my need to hear it without resisting by focusing my full attention in the present, invited it all to came together and I received the creative spark he summoned into the room that morning. The spark from Source entered me and flowed through me and change happened, as I created different responses to some situations asking for my attention.

I made direct contact with that great sense of knowing that is both in me, as my Soul, and in the energy that is around me, that is Spirit, God.

In answer to my opening question, Rev. Frank advises us to be an open vessel allowing the spark of creativity to flow through us to connect with the vision you have. If you don’t have one, than whatever you do, don’t stop the flow of the creativity by being in waiting mode or stagnant. Instead, listen to the small voice within and take a small step. Any step will do, but one inspired by your meditation or intuition is a good choice. The point is, he says, to keep moving. Keep your energy in action by taking action. The size of the step, the form of the step isn’t as important as the progression of action is to the overall picture.

As you take steps, you shift, and as you shift your perception shifts and one day you will see what you couldn’t see before. That’s how it works even if you know your vision and purpose. So, in the end, it’s the same thing whether you know your vision or you don’t; A step of any size every single day, inspired by your intuition or higher Wisdom received through meditation or listening to the small still voice within.

The Way is to be the open vessel allowing the spark of creativity from the spiritual field flow through you and out to others, creating a life on purpose.

Visit www.MyGriefRelief.com to connect with Rev. Frank T. Elliott

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One Response to Without a Vision, What Moves Us into Action

  1. Delaine Gately says:

    Our soul is the core of our being, God speaks to us thru meditation, those quiet moments open the door to our soul enableing us to hear His voice. His voice is heard in the silence of meditation. This is were we grow…This is where we recover from the stings and arrows of life, this is where we renew, in the silence of meditation we find the courage to move forward. Free writing our thoughts is also a window into our soul
    a door to wisdom that gives us insight and direction, pearls of wisdom come to the surface unknown to the writer at the time of the write. Once set aside and later re-read the pearls will shine like stars on the paper and we find new direction, we grow from our own wisdom found in our own soul. The wisdom of the ages is our if only we open the door through meditation and free spirit writing. Peace is already ours.

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